From custom designed applications to licensing one of our family of building products based Project Software, DIY Technologies has a solution to meet your needs.

Empower Your Customers to Envision Their Home Improvement Projects

DIY Technologies provides your users and channel partners the ability to visualize your products within their project. You build your brand and ultimately increase sales.

All our applications provide complete detailed material lists, project specifications down to the cut list and permitting page. Material lists can be exported in any number of ways and is e-commerce ready for direct sales!

Custom Application Services

Effortless Deployment

To meet your needs, we develop rule driven programs where objects or products understand their relationship to other objects allowing for user-friendly, error free scene creation with multi-object interactivity. Each object or product can be electronically linked to supplementary information such as product availability, pricing, configuration options and complimentary product suggestions. All of our applications are browser agnostic and can be converted to “Apps” for deployment into the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. We can meet your deployment goals!

Application Licensing Services

Customized To Your Company

Our products are available as privately branded tools to put your company in the forefront of your category. Leave the competition in the dust at a fraction of the cost. The classic question of “Build or Buy” is simply answered by licensing the applications you need. Each application is customized to your specific products and designed to mirror the look of your web and branding presence. By customizing our tools to your need, the answer becomes obvious.

Application Hosting Services

Worry-Free Hosting

Our array of powerful servers tuned to provide remarkable response times despite complex software applications ensure your customers get the service they have come to expect. We handle all aspects of hosting your applications. From user account creation and saving their projects to hosting the application - we do it all. We provide full customer service response so your users are never left wondering what to do next. You need no internal IT support for the deployment of DIY Software. Instead of hearing what don’t you want us to do - we do it for you!

Premier Partnership

Break Away From the Competition

With over 2,500,000 designs per year, DIY is the premier UI developer in the industry. Our experienced user interface experts, artists and graphic designers make even the most complex projects easy enough to Do-It-Yourself! Working closely with you, we develop and application that will differentiate you from the competition.


Configuration and visualization are important. But SALES is what we’re really about.

Our software generates qualified leads at a fraction of the cost you are used to paying. Regardless if it is SEO, telemarketing, or whatever method you use for lead generation, by involving your users in an interactive engaging experience, we can deliver leads that will close. Because of our fixed cost licensing models, the more you use the software, the lower your per lead becomes! You know your customer acquisition cost can run up to a $100… why pay that when you can a fraction of that cost?

MiTek Deck Designer

Powered by DIY Technologies

MiTek Deck Designer 2.0 is a free online interactive software program that will help you and your clients design the deck of their dreams. Deck Designer is easy to use and allows customization including levels, plank direction, size, color and other features. Printed output provides complete material and cut lists along with permit submittals.

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A Look Inside Our Solutions

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Custom-designed virtualization applications for your home improvement business.