DIY Technologies is a proud sponsor of the MiTek® Builder Technology Summit Naples, Florida • September 19-22, 2017

MiTek Builder Technology SummitVisit DIY Technologies at the 2017 MiTek Builder Technology Summit

The 2017 MiTek Builder Technology Summit is an inaugural event that will showcase the very latest technology for home building design, estimating and workflow. The Summit will feature technology exhibits and demonstrations, as well as a wide range of educational/training sessions.

The technology Summit will feature MiTek’s builder-focused companies and software platforms including BuilderMT, Cubit, DIY Technologies, Sales Simplicity, SAPPHIRE Supply, SAPPHIRE® Build (KOVA), and Wrightsoft.

In addition, integration partner-companies that have linked to MiTek solutions will also be featured, including Avid Ratings, CG Visions, Build Intelligence (DOMO), Event 1 Software (Liberty Reports), LandDev, Punchlist Manager / Inspection Manager, Specitup, and Western Computer.

The three-day MiTek Builder Technology Summit is focused on information sharing. The Summit will kick off by hearing from current customers, presenting alongside their technology providers, to highlight their experiences and the impact these technologies have had on their businesses. [Read More]

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